Why Do We Need a Metal Speaker Grill?

Speaker grills, also known as speaker grilles, are generally found to cover various types of loudspeakers. They are designed to protect driver element and speaker internals from external impacts and penetrations from foreign objects; meanwhile, they need to let the sound clearly pass.

Speaker grills cover in front of speakers which is in the direct path of the sound, so the quality of speaker grills interacts the sound produced. Generally, there are two main types of grilles in the market: speaker grille cloth and metal speaker grill as shown in the right picture:

From the comparison, you will find that metal speaker grille is the best choice for long term use. However, the speaker’s output level must be considered when you are purchasing metal speaker grilles.

For example, more perforated holes on speaker grills mean a better sound effect yet less protection. Instead, too much material in front of speaker will result in distortion of high sound and sometimes may damage the speaker. So there is no a perfect speaker grill, but a suitable one to fit your speaker with an excellent combination of superb protection and sound effects. And we are specialist to help you find the combination based on your applications of speaker grills.

A black metal speaker grill is mounted to an audio facility

Speaker grill cloth, made of well suited cloth, features soft structure that enable it move synchronously with the sound waves. But it offers less protection from foreign objects and is easy to get torn and stretched. In contrast, metal speaker grill, made of quality steel or aluminum, have strong and sturdy structure so that it is not free to move with the sound. Round or square holes are perforated on the grill to let the sound to pass clearly. Most of all, it can provide superb protection from external damages and not easy to get torn.

Application of our speaker grills

A set of home theater speakers with black speaker grilles. For indoor & outdoor audio facilities.

Waffle speaker grilles or custom speaker grilles are ideal for home theater speakers, stage subwoofers, PA speakers, pro audio speakers, guitar and bass amplifier cabinets and stage monitors, etc.

Ceiling speakers with white speaker grilles. For stylish ceiling speakers.

Our ceiling speaker grilles feature simple structure in various colors to make your own decoration style. They are considered to be the best choice for ceiling speakers and custom sized in-wall speakers.

A car subwoofer with black car speaker grille. For car audio.

Car speaker grilles, with sturdy mounting plates and quality perforated steel mesh, are usually found covering car audio facilities such as sub-woofers, factory car speakers and grills for amp ventilation covers, etc.

A silver microphone grille is mounted on the top of stage microphone. For microphones.

Microphone grille, also known as mic grille, is generally used to cover the top of microphone to protect mic from dust and saliva. Meanwhile, the grille can be painted in various colors to make your own mic easy to distinguish.

Small tips

Two black speakers with waffle speaker grilles.

  1. Make sure that speaker grilles are fitted snugly to the speaker cabinet enclosure to prevent dust and debris from sneaking underneath the grille. Meanwhile, proper installation effectively ensures an excellent sound effect without rattling noise.
  2. Clean your speaker grilles periodically. Generally, speaker grilles provide aesthetic appearance but they are easy to collect dirt, dust and other debris. Effectively cleaning can preserve its neat appearance, make your internal speaker free from dust as well as prolong speaker’s service life.
  3. Some listeners prefer to high-quality music without grilles interfering the sound so that they always pull speaker grilles off before listening to music. But care must be taken to avoid damages and store the speaker grille upright in a safe place. Finally, don’t forget to reinstall them to keep your speakers protected.

As the specialist for manufacturing speaker grills, we can also design products based on your requirements. Special specifications are welcomed to be developed as your enclosed drawings. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to be at your service at any time.

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